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About Us

Six Forks Burger Company is Louisville’s home for gourmet quick service hamburgers, hot-dogs and more.

Six Forks opened in August 2019 by owners Troy and Selena after five years of owning the popular food truck POLLO a Gourmet Chicken Joint. The restaurant’s name came from Troy and Selena’s six children who drive them. The Family friendly restaurant located in Louisville’s Shelby Park is today’s family-friendly foodie destination.

If you haven’t tried this spot you’re missing out! EXCELLENT food that has a twist on traditional offerings.” – Matt M.

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Easily one of the BEST steak burgers I’ve had in Louisville. Check this place out…and be sure to try a side of the Twisted Corn too. YUM!” Ginger M.

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*Chef's Selection*

Adult Only Breakfast Burger

single patty topped with a fried egg, smoked bacon, american cheese, then drizzled with chocolate bourbon sauce

Southwest Burger

single patty topped with homestyle chili, fried onions, banana peppers, monterrey jack cheese and nacho cheese

Stir Fry Burger

single patty topped with grilled onions, sweet peppers, banana peppers, grilled mushrooms, swiss cheese, sweet thai chili and orange teriyaki

Caliente Burger

single patty topped with ghost pepper dusted onions, sweet peppers, pepper jack cheese, mango habanero and hot shit sauce

*Hot Dogs*

All Beef Hot Dog

Add as many toppings as you like

Chicago Dog

topped with mustard, relish, tomatoes, pickle, chopped onions, celery salt and sport peppers

Thai Dog

topped with spicy lemongrass chicken, coconut honey mustard and basil/chives sprinkles
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Cast Iron Green Beans

fresh french style green beans roasted on cast iron and drizzled with yum yum sauce

Twisted Corn

roasted corn in a bowl, topped with parmesan cheese, yum yum sauce, smoked paprika and chives

Thai Chili Potato Salad

homestyle potato salad drizzled with sweet chili sauce and chives
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DIY Burgers!

Amazing little burger joint. Got a delicious spicy burger with fresh jalapenos. Burger, bun, cheese, and sauce all worked great together. Fries were even better; spiced with an herb, garlic, and salt blend, and hot and crunchy without burning my mouth. Washed it down with a local ginger ale in a green glass bottle (you know the one)

Service was quick on a less busy evening. Staff was friendly. Good prices. All around class act from the crew that run the Pollo food truck.


Excellent service, food and atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back. Great addition to the neighborhood.”